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Announcement on the 4th (2018-2019) "Shaanxi Civil Construction Science and Technology Award"
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Municipal Civil engineering societies, relevant professional committees, colleges and universities, design and research institutes, construction units, unit members:

2019In 2011, Shaanxi Civil Architecture Society received 35 projects, 13 advanced collectives of scientific and technological innovation, 13 Youth Science and Technology Awards, and 52 Outstanding Chief Engineer Awards for participating in the "Fourth (2018-2019) Shaanxi Civil Architecture Science and Technology Award"。After the society organized expert review,Selected 34 winning projects of the "Fourth (2018-2019) Shaanxi Civil Construction Science and Technology Award",Among them, 11 first prizes, 13 second prizes and 10 third prizes;10 Advanced group awards for scientific and technological innovation;11 Youth Science and technology Awards;26 Outstanding Chief Engineer awards (11 excellent Chief engineers, 15 excellent project chief engineers)。The award was approved by the Award Committee on March 26, 2019, and the award situation is now reported。

To the winning units and individuals, the society will issue a certificate of honor to commend。Winners are requested to collect their certificates at the Institute office before April 30, 2019。

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2019March 31

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